We contacted Lamar to inquire about upgrading our surround sound speakers because we had purchased a new television and receiver from another company.  Lamar came out and looked over our current set up and provided us with options we could have never thought of!  Hiding all the bulky equipment in the closet so you don’t see all those wires and installing a mount for our TV so we no longer have to look up at it above the fireplace! Who knew all that was possible!!  After all was said and done we returned our previously purchased receiver and went with a whole new system Lamar recommended and couldn’t be happier.   He was able to narrow everything down to one simple remote and all of this was done within our budget.   Both Lamar and his staff we extremely professional and knowledgeable.   I would highly recommend his company for anyone looking to change/upgrade or add a surround system to their home. 

S. Choat  (satisfied customer)